Today is October 19, 2017 -

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Temple Beth Shalom

A Warm and Welcoming Jewish Community

40 Wellington Dr
Palm Coast, Florida 32164
Phone: 386-445-3006


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Rabbi’s Message

There is nothing more exciting in a Rabbi’s life than having a Synagogue life that is fuller than full; with joyous events!  Whether it is concerts, classes, mah jong parties, holidays, or special life cycle events, the sound ozev1f voices filling the Temple is music to the ears.

March is going to be one of those super busy exciting months. First, we have a Rock and Roll Purim, carnival, and Chai Drawing on March 12; which always proves to be fun for everyone.  Then the following weekend, March 17th & 18th, we are blessed and privileged to receive a brand-new Torah. The Torah will be escorted in during Friday eve Shabbat services, read Shabbat morning, and celebrated Saturday eve with a gala event including a concert!  This is an event not many people get to participate in often and one not to be missed!

The Choir is back in full swing and learning new tunes to share on each 3rd Shabbat of the month at new music/choir Shabbat.  If you are interested in joining the choir, please let me know.

At the end of March, I will be offering a class about Pesach and its traditions…  “The Do’s and Don’ts of Passover…why and why not?”.  Come join in the discussion.

Another class that we’re offering is “The Ins and Outs of a Shabbat service”. If interested in either of these classes, please let me know.

Adult Hebrew returns… “I know my letters, what’s next?”  Again, if interested please let me know.

As you can see, we are a busy Congregation, come and take part in some or all that we have to offer!

Hineni… here I am…

These words for generations have been used to answer to God’s call… by Abraham, in the binding of Isaac; by Moses, at the burning bush; by Isaiah, when asked to identify someone sent by God to prophesy to the people.

Hineni… I am ready…ready to help… ready to learn… prepared to take on tasks and challenges.

B’Ydidut- In Friendship

Rabbi Zev