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Temple Beth Shalom

A Warm and Welcoming Jewish Community

40 Wellington Dr
Palm Coast, Florida 32164
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Scholar in Residence Weekend

Date(s) - 05/03/18 - 05/05/18
All Day

Temple Beth Shalom Palm Coast


Bizu Riki Mullu-Good Will Ambassador an Ethiopian Jewish and Israeli social entrepreneur. And representative and community activist for Ethiopian-Israeli Jewry who live in North America. Bizu Riki passions is sharing, from her personal life story and experience, the rich culture of Ethiopian Jewry, from life in Ethiopia to aliyah to Israel. She returned to Ethiopia to help more Ethiopian Jewish from East Africa make the journey.

She will share her unique story of how her family made the perilous journey to Israel, as well as the story of how the wider Ethiopian Jewish community has coped with this transition.

Her story traces Israel’s absorption all of the Ethiopian Jews and their families, making them a part of Israeli society.

Her story is personal and inspirational and truly shows a country welcoming millions of Jews from around the world over the span of generations and integrating them into their historic homeland. Riki’s storytelling offers an opportunity to see a rare side of Israel that is not talked about in the news.

She loves art. And this love of arts and crafts led her to begin creating her own jewelry and Judaica design. Her work reflects her Ethiopian life and heritage as well as her life growing up in Israel since immigrating by herself as a young girl.

Bizu Riki worked many jobs in the Jewish community. One of the most rewarding was working with young Ethiopians who had immigrated to Israel in Operation Moses in 1984-85 Many of the new immigrants had also arrived to the Jewish state without their families.

Also a founder and leader of Chassida Shmella, an organization that aims to empower and Ambassador for Ethiopian Israelis living in North America and builds bridges of knowledge, understanding and strengthens Am Israel.

Chassida Shmella, combines the words for stork in both Hebrew and Amharic, the language spoken by Ethiopian Jews. In Ethiopia, Jewish community would watch the migrating storks overhead and dream of the day that they, too, could fly to their beloved homeland as they dreamed of Jerusalem.

Although the North American Ethiopian Jewish community is small in numbers, it represents a fascinating, ancient and rich part of the Jewish experience.

Chassida Shmella’s offers experiential community educational programs about such traditions as the unique Ethiopian Jewish holiday of Sigd, personal stories of exodus and transformation, coffee ceremonies, Rosh Chodesh celebrations Yom Yerushalayim, Jerusalem Day, and more.

Bizu Riki Mullu, our Founder, will continue to speak nationally on behalf of Chassida Shmella Ethiopian Jewish Community of North America and for the Israeli Consulate, the Jewish Federations of North America, All of the Jewish federation of north America, Haddassah, ORT, Hillel, IsraelBonds  and more.

She currently splits her time between NYC and Jerusalem. Her mom, eight siblings, and forty five nieces and nephews now live in Jerusalem.

Ethiopian Israeli Jewish speaker