Today is February 18, 2019 -

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Temple Beth Shalom

A Warm and Welcoming Jewish Community

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Food for Thought

Todays food for thought is about rejoicing…Z’man simchateinu, 

something we too often forget to do….

Dance one thousand steps towards heaven.
Sing one thousand hymns of praise.
Brethe one thousand breaths of glory.
Climb one thousand steps of courage.
Chant one thousand hymns of hope.
Laugh one thousand breaths of healing.
Walk one thousand steps of power.
Hum one thousand hymns of life.
Share one thousand breaths of wonder.


Leap one thousand steps toward beauty.

Cry one thousand hymns of joy.
Feel one thousand breaths of mystery.
Rejoice! Rejoice!
                       —-Alden Solovy
What will you take the time to rejoice in? for?
I’d love to know….
Chag Sukkot Sameach…Happy Sukkot!