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Did God Tell David to Put the Star on his Shield?

There is no mention in the writings of David of the six-pointed star on his shield as he did battle with his enemies.  As eluded to in his psalms, he did have deep conviction that his shield was  powerful protection fueled by God and that in manu instances, it preserved his life. It is believed that his shield was inscribed with holy text and the names of God and several angels.

However, what IS recorded is that David’s SON Solomon used the hexagonal star on his official royal seal. So, could he have known about it from his father?

There are many insights into the meaning of the interlocking triangles. Kabbalists equate the upper triangle to God and the lower to man, thus being joined together. They also see mystical significance in our religious hexagram related to studies in the Zohar written by Rabbi Isaac Luria, 16th century revered sage. One of his interpretations indicated that the six points allude to six Holy Attributes of God: Compassion, Forgiveness, Lovingkindness, Slow to Anger, Truth and Understanding.

According to Jewish tradition, those 6 points should be the stalwart standards for all of us.

The Star of David has been a symbol of the Jewish people since the 6th century BCE, through medieval years, the birth of Zionism and establishment of the State of Israel. Doesn’t it evoke emotion and make us proud to be a Jew every time we see it?

Now, we need to live it.

Love, Bubbie