Get To Know Us


Our Story

TBS began in 1973 as a small group of Jewish families in Palm Coast who were determined to begin their own synagogue.  Nearly 50 years later, we're still here! 


Learn more about our history on the Historic TBS page.  It's quite a story.

Our Values

TBS is unaffiliated with any particular denominational stream of Judaism.  We're simply Jews. Our members come from a diverse background of Jewish practice and traditions, but we come together to pray and to study. We are an egalitarian, spiritual community that welcomes everyone and encourages diversity.  If you want to connect to Jewish life with a vibrant, participatory congregation, you belong here -- regardless of religious background, interfaith marriage, race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, age, physical abilities, sexual orientation or gender identity. When we gather, we embrace each other’s company, nourishing the mind, heart, and spirit, sharing good food and many laughs. 


Our Vision

We envision a welcoming synagogue that enriches and uplifts the lives of our members and our community.   We foster a meaningful and welcoming Jewish home for all Jews in Flagler County.  TBS is a place where everyone feels like they belong -- a place where all people, Jew and non-Jew alike, can connect and explore Judaism.    We strive to ensure our operations are guided by responsibility, transparency, and trustworthiness, and our interactions characterized by respect, optimism, and kindness.