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The Rabbi's Monthly Message


7 Tevet 5783 ~ 31 December 2022

Shalom, Friends,

As we count down the final hours of 2022, let us take a few moments to reflect and remember.
We will miss the loved ones we lost during 2022 while we yet rejoice in the many new friends
we have welcomed into our Temple family.

We can be thankful for all those who have unselfishly given their time, talent, and monetary
support. Their generous volunteerism is so essential to maintaining and enriching Jewish life
and Jewish presence in our community. Our vitality as a Temple and as a congregation truly
relies on all of you. Perhaps you perform the day-to-day administration and operations; or
work tirelessly in the kitchen to provide our weekly onegs; or cook for hours on end for our
special celebrations/festivals; or schlep tables/chairs/rummage-sale goods/etc.; or maintain
the grounds/outbuildings; or prepare our print/promotional/internet media; or help with the
ministry of our shul through song, prayer leadership, or teaching; or pitch in anywhere needed; or actively participate in our services and studies.... it is YOU who make the difference. Collectively, you are the heart of our Temple. And I am deeply grateful for each of you.


As we turn our sights to 2023, let us resolve to further build and enrich our “Little Shul in the
Woods” (if Dorothy will allow me to quote her).


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