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TBS Judaica Store

If interested, call our front office to arrange purchase or ask questions
(386) 445-3006

There is much more in our Gift Shop than you'll see here. 

Visit us to check out more offerings you'll love!



Twisty Hanukkiah

Beautiful Handcrafted Hanukkiah

Glass Hanukkiah with Star of David Base

Hanukkah Decorative Box

Hanukkah Decorative Box

Colorful Hanukkiah

General Judaica & Fun Stuff

Aleph Bet Plate

Set of Blue Glass
Decorative Cups

Rosenthal Photo Frame

Colorful Candle Box

Bagel Box

Bar Mitzvah Boy Figure

Rosenthal Tzedekah Boxes, Large & Small

Assorted Yiddish Masks

Car Mezuzah

Round-Footed Star of David Plate

Square-Footed Star of David Plate

Shabbat & Havdalah 


Jerusalem Pottery Havdalah Set

Silver Shabbat Candleholders

Shabbat Candlestick Holders

Silver Havdalah Set 

Havdalah Candle 

Brass Shabbat Candlestick Holders

Neriot Candle Holders 

Keep scrolling!  We've got lots of great gifts to pick from...

Pesach ~ Passover

Rosenthal Matzah Box

Passover Seder Plate #1 

Glass Seder Plate

Matzah Plate

Passover Seder Plate #2

Pesach Salt & Pepper Shakers

Passover Design Apron

Passover Tea Towel

Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur

Honey Pot and Apple Dish Set

Rosh Hashanah Apple Plate

Rosh Hashanah Classic Honey Dish

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