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Rabbi's June 2024 Message

June 2, 2024

Dear Friends,

This month, I want to focus my message on ways that both Temple Beth Shalom and more specifically, I as your Rabbi, can best support you.

One vital role of a spiritual community is to serve as a support system for one another. As we all know, there are times when life is just really hard. 

Let me touch upon a few ways that your Rabbi and your Temple family can offer comfort and “hold you” during times when you are struggling, sad or stuck. Whether the situation is about you personally or someone you love, please know that we are here and available to you.

Prayers For Those In Need Of Healing: Our mishaberach list with the names of those in need of healing (of body, mind or spirit) grows long each month. I recently learned that at the beginning of each new month our practice at TBS is to remove names from the previous month, unless we have been asked to keep a specific name(s) on that list. Please be sure to contact the Temple office to have a name added to the list. And let Stephanie know if that person (you or a loved one) should be kept on the list until further notice.

In The Event Of A Death:  If you have had a death of someone significant in your life, I am requesting that you let me know or have a friend call on your behalf. Don’t assume that we will hear about it through the grapevine. I am only able to offer you my support and services if I am made aware of the loss. 

In Times of Illness: When a member of our congregational family is ill, preparing for surgery, or navigating through a health scare, I truly appreciate the opportunity to assist through this difficult time. It is my honor to spend time visiting with you or dedicating time for phone conversation.

Unless it is your personal preference, seeing your way through challenging times is not something that you need to do alone. 

I look forward to celebrating all of the joyous occasions with you and am honored to help carry you through the heavy ones.


Rabbi Karen Tashman

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