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Rabbi's May 2024 Message

May 7, 2024

Dear Friends,

Throughout this month of May we observe and celebrate so many meaningful and emotional days. This is true every year, but even more so this year.

As we all know antisemitism is on the rise, continuing to spread hate and vicious behavior across our nation and across the world. In Israel, our brothers and sisters are still fighting for the return of hostages in Gaza and are positioned on multiple borders to protect and keep our homeland safe. This is our time to come together as Jewish community.

This past Sunday evening, May 5, Temple Beth Shalom, Temple Beth-El and Congregation B’nai Torah joined together for a Yom HaShoah commemoration of the six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust, and the heroism of survivors and rescuers.


Yom HaZikaron (Israeli Memorial Day on May 13) is a day we remember and mourn all those who gave their lives for Israel. And then on May 14 we turn our tears into joyful celebration for Yom HaAtzmaut (Israel’s Independence Day) as we celebrate 76 years of Israel being a state and over three thousand years of continuous Jewish life in our Holy Land.

Celebrating Israel’s birthday as a holy community together on May 14 at Temple Beth-El at 6pm is one way to reinforce the message that these men and women did not die in vain. Combining these days in our thoughts and in our gathering serves as a reminder that their resilience and sacrifices helped pave the way for the Jewish homeland to exist and stand strong. 

Please join me throughout this month in holding onto the legacy of our past and embracing our future together.



Rabbi Karen Tashman

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